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Sea dog 4/11/08 Laura Muller

It is early morning and the boat is ready to leave the Kaiteriteri shore for the Abel Tasman National Park.

Tourists on the boat are excited waiting for the adventure, while the crew moves from one place to other sorting details.

A few times a week the crew is joined by a special member, a furry one. Archie is a 12 year-old Jack Russell dog. Her white fur with black spots, brown ears and tale that moves at the speed of light makes her the star on board.

Craig Wilson, 40, Manager of the Wilsons Abel Tasman lodge, is the owner of this special dog. Wilson said that Archie is a “Sea dog” and loves being on the boat as part of the crew.

Archie walks between the passengers welcoming them and letting them know that she is the captain on board. She moves with the confidence of a model on the catwalk.

Been an old dog is just a matter of numbers for her. She looks extremely healthy, and has the energy and charm of a puppy.

Every time Archie feels like getting a cuddle or having a sneak through the window, she steps over two legs close to a crew member who happily picks her up and spoils her. People from all over the world have cuddled her since she was a puppy.

Archie has being riding the boat since she was four months old and soon learned the danger of falling into salty water. She fell out of the boat, “She was trying to swim, but was drowning instead.” Archie was rescued on time by Wilson, “I did rescue her, I am the diver!” Ever since, Archie has learned not to get too close to the edge.

Archie has become part of the attraction of the boat ride at Abel Tasman National Park, Wilson said tourists miss their pets left at home and love seeing a friendly dog.
Guide, Rod Barker, said “Archie makes the tourists happy; you can see a smile in their faces when they see her.”

This curious girl has her favourite spots at the ride. Close to Tonga Island, where a seal colony lives, she usually jumps over Wilson’s lap and sticks her nose up to the window, Wilson said, “She loves dolphins and seals. When she smells them, she wants to get out of the boat.”

Archie is like a shadow to Wilson, she follows him everywhere on the boat and walks hours with him going from one lodge to the other, what keeps her fit.

Archie and Wilson are best mates, Wilson could not stand having another pet because Archie is “one man’s girl” and would not want another girl at home.


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